Seminar: Human Aspects of GSD

Venue: Kilen, Copenhagen Business School
Date: 14th January 2014


Human aspects and challenges of Global Software Development

The purpose of the seminar was to bring a core group of practitioners together to reflect on a few of the scientific outcomes of the NexGSD project. Opening a dialogue/discussion across the research team and representatives from various IT companies/departments about the challenges of working and managing globally distributed teams, the aim was to facilitate knowledge sharing and reflect on preliminary research findings. Based on theoretical perspectives and empirical cases from the NeXGSD research, presented by Professor Anne-Marie Søderberg and PhD fellow Thomas Tøth, the format was an interactive workshop based on group work addressing these specific issues:

  1. How to deal with cultural differences and develop common ground in geographically distributed teams
  2. How to develop awareness of remote team members’ abilities and contribution; and hereby pave the way for a smoother and more efficient use of distributed teams.
A fruitful, dynamic and constructive dialog was successfully accomplished through facilitation within the working groups of peers and presented in plenum. Discussions evolved around the challenges met in practice when global software development teams collaborate, relating concepts introduced in the presentations, to the issues observed in a collaborative practice.