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IST-magazineNexGSD team member and Associate Professor Muhammad Ali Barbar has been working with Christian Lescher from Siemens to create a special section in the January 2014 edition of The Information and Software Technology Journal. This special section includes the best papers published in the International Conference on Global Software Engineering, 2011 (ICGSE 2011) in Finland and the introduction is extended by Ali Barbar and Leschers’s editorial paper “Global Software Engineering: Identifying Challenges is Important and Providing Solutions is Even Better“.

This editorial reflects one view on Global Software Engineering (GSE) research and practice, acknowledging GSE as a well established paradigm of software development in all sorts of industries and companies and although characterized by an overwhelming number of potentials and challenges, there are not many solutions. Ali Barbar emphasizes that even though it is important to identify and report GSE challenges then evidence-based and thorough understanding, that are far from any reasonable level of maturity, makes it equally important to devise and report appropriate solutions to these reported challenges.This is the key argument of the editorial and introduces a framework of ten heuristics for devising, developing, and managing a GSE team for successful implementation of the GSE paradigm in an organization. Lastly Ali Barbar notes that “We really hope that researchers and practitioners critically review this framework based on their own observations, experiences, and knowledge and get engaged in a constructive debate for moving the research and practice in GSE forward”.

Read more about the editorial on Muhammad Ali Barbar’s blog or access the pre-print copy here.

abMuhammad Ali Babar is Associate Professor in the Software Development Group (SDG) at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Previously he has been senior researcher with Lero, University of Limerick, Ireland, involved in several R&D projects with organizations like National ICT Australia (NICTA) and JRCASE and worked as a software engineer and IT consultant for several years in Australia. Dr. Ali Babar obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the school of computer science and engineering of University of New South Wales and a M.Sc. degree in Computing Sciences from University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. Further details about his work are available on his personal blog

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