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NexGSD Pernille Bjørn presenting results for industry in Norway

Last week, NexGSD Pernille Bjørn was invited to present NexGSD results for the software industry in Norway. The event was organized by three Norwegian research projects on Agile2.0, and took place in Oslo hosted by Evry. In particular Pernille presented reflections across the empirical insights and the NexGSD technologies and discussed the future space for research and innovation.

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NexGSD PhD defence: Steven Jeuris

NexGSD’s Steven Jeuris successfully defended his PhD thesis on November 09th 2016 at IT University of Copenhagen with the title: Task and Interruption Management in Activity-Centric Computing.

Steven’s thesis was supervised by Professor Jakob E. Bardram and assessed by Professor Harald Reiterer (University of Konstanz), Professor Susanne Bødker (Aarhus University), and Associate Professor Tomas Sokoler (ITU).


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New article published in Information and Software Technology (IST) on the NexGSD project by Mansooreh Zahedi

Mansooreh Zahedi, Muhammad Ali Babar, Why does site visit matter in global software development: A knowledge-based perspective, Information and Software Technology, Volume 80, December 2016, Pages 36-56, ISSN 0950-5849, [url]


Title: “Why does site visit matter in global software development: A knowledge-based perspective”

Context: Face-to-Face (F2F) interaction is a strong means to foster social relationships and effective knowledge sharing within a team. However, communication in Global Software Development (GSD) teams is usually restricted to computer-mediated conversation that is perceived to be less effective and inter- personal. Temporary collocation of dispersed members of a software development team is a well-known practice in GSD. Despite broad realization of the benefits of visits, there is lack of empirical evidence that explores how temporary F2F interactions are organized in practice and how they can impact knowledge sharing between sites.
Objective: This study aimed at empirically investigating activities that take place during temporary col- location of dispersed members and analyzing the outcomes of the visit for supporting and improving knowledge sharing.
Method: We report a longitudinal case study of a GSD team distributed between Denmark and Pakistan. We have explored a particular visit organized for a group of offshore team members visiting onshore site for two weeks. Our findings are based on a systematic and rigorous analysis of the calendar entries of the visitors during the studied visit, several observations of a selected set of the team members’ activities during the visit and 13 semi-structured interviews.
Results: Looking through the lens of knowledge-based theory of the firm, we have found that social and professional activities organized during the visit, facilitated knowledge sharing between team members from both sites. The findings are expected to contribute to building a common knowledge and under- standing about the role and usefulness of the site visits for supporting and improving knowledge sharing in GSD teams by establishing and sustaining social and professional ties.

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HELENA presented at AgilityLab

Preliminary results of HELENA have been presented at the last AgilityLab meetup.


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New article published in the International Journal of Information Management (IJIM) on the NexGSD project by Mansooreh Zahedi

Mansooreh Zahedi, Mojtaba Shahin, Muhammad Ali Babar, A systematic review of knowledge sharing challenges and practices in global software development, International Journal of Information Management, Volume 36, Issue 6, Part A, December 2016, Pages 995-1019, ISSN 0268-4012, [url]


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ABC4GSD evaluation presented @ ICGSE’16

Paolo Tell, Muhammad Ali Babar, “An Empirical Evaluation of an Activity-Based Infrastructure for Supporting Cooperation in Software Engineering”, presented at ICGSE’16.



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Marco Kuhrmann presented at ICGSE the results from our systematic literature review on SPI in GSD [read more].
Marco Kuhrmann, Philipp Diebold, Juergen Muench, Paolo Tell, “How does Software Process Improvement address Global Software Engineering?”, presented at ICGSE’16.



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New article published in the International Journal of Information Management (IJIM) by Mansooreh Zahedi and Muhammad Ali Babar

Mansooreh Zahedi, Mojtaba Shahin, Muhammad Ali Babar. A Systematic Review of Knowledge Sharing Challenges and Practices in Global Software Development.” In the International Journal of Information Management (IJIM). [.pdf]

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LiSA and ReviewIt @ EASE’16


Paolo Tell and Marco Kuhrmann have presented Beyond the Spreadsheet: Reflections on Tool Support for Literature Studies at the 20th International Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering (EASE).

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