NexGSD kicked off 2014 with two successful workshops

2014 was kicked off with two successful and very different workshops. The seminar “Human Aspects of GSD” was held at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and the other participatory workshop took place in the US at the CSCW 2014 Conference in Baltimore with focus on “Global Software Development in a CSCW Perspective”.


Facilitated by the NexGSD team, the seminar in Copenhagen included representatives from various companies such as HCL, KMD, L&T InfoTech, TATA and TEO that are either partners or collaborators in the research project. Although competitors, these companies all face the challenges of working and managing teams in globally distributed settings and thus their interest in discussing and contributing to some of NexGSD’s preliminary scientific outcomes. Based on theoretical perspectives and empirical cases presented by Professor Anne-Marie Søderberg and PhD fellow Thomas Tøth from CBS, the format was an interactive workshop addressing specific issue of GSD. Read more 


NexGSD’s Principal Investigator (PI) Associate Professor Pernille Bjørn and coordinator Professor Jakob Bardram organized the CSCW2014 approved workshop “Global Software Development in a CSCW Perspective” at the conference in Baltimore, US. Presentations by Professor David Redmiles, University of California, Irvine, USA and Professor Volker Wulf, University of Siegen, Germany were inspirational to the workshop’s discussions and brainstorming process where both junior and senior researchers from Europe and US participated. Unique properties of GSD compared to other types distributed collaborative work was discussed as well as the challenges of studying collaboration across geographical, temporal and cultural distance. Read more

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