NexGSD’s Thomas Tøth has defended his PhD

Thomas Tøth - ProfileThomas Tøth defended his PhD dissertation the 2nd of March. His PhD dissertation is an ethnographic field study of the collaboration between Berlingske Media, one of the leading media companies in Denmark, and their Indian IT service provider, HCL – one of the largest IT service providers worldwide. The dissertation studies the day-to-day operational collaboration between actors from the client organization and the vendor organization in order to understand how vendor-side actors, as individuals and as a collective, can be constructed as trustworthy collaborators in the eyes of the client-side actors. Based on the study, Thomas presents a number of practice-oriented suggestions on how the client-side actors’ perceptions of the vendor-side’s trustworthiness can be improved.

We would like to congratulate Thomas on this achievement, and thank him for his contributions to the NexGSD project.

Thomas’ PhD dissertation is available here:

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