Public Research Talk at UCI Informatics Seminar series: Relation work, Cultural Blind Spots, and Documentscape

Earlier this month, Associate Professor and PI in NexGSD, Pernille Bjørn held a public research talk at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) with the title “Relation work, Cultural blind spots, and Documentscape – Global software development in practice”. In this talk, Pernille Bjørn presented a comparative analysis across three empirical cases from the NexGSD project, where she investigated how findings from one case might be seen in the perspective on another case. Currently based at the UCI, in the Department of Informatics and at the Intel Science & Technology Center for Social Computing, Pernille Bjørn is establishing research connections, analysing empirical data, and writing up results – all related to the NexGSD research project.

Pernille Bjørn is an Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark in the /Technologies in practices/ research group, and visiting associate faculty at University of California, Irvine (July 2013-August 2014). Pernille’s work is ethnographic studies of collaborative practices with the aim of designing collaborative technologies. She has done work in two main areas: Healthcare & Distributed work.
Pernille’s role in the NexGSD research project is to conduct ethnographic studies of global software development practices in India, Philippines, and Denmark together with her PhD. students. Her most current published work from this project an investigation commitment and trust in two large GSD project from the Indian vendor perspective (Søderberg, Krishna and Bjørn, 2013).
Read more about Pernille and the rest of the NeXGSD team.

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